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In preparation for our expansion beyond the Japanese language, we’ve finally launched a brand new LinguaLift homepage!

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Until now, the page redirected to Japanese LinguaLift and didn’t even give a hint as to what’s coming.

On the new homepage, you’ll find links to all LinguaLift websites, and also have an opportunity to subscribe in order to get notified when we are ready to teach more languages.

Do you like the new homepage? What language would you like us to teach you next? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: has been nominated for a web design award. Please vote for us (^_^)

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+Philip Seyfi is a Russian independent strategy consultant and entrepreneur, author of NihongoUp, and co-founder & CEO of EduLift.

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  • Amy Wheeler

    Are there any plans for a Chinese, Korean or German LinguaLift? I know we also have Russian and it looks like French is in the works, but I’m curious if anything else is in the planning stages?

    • seifip

      Hi Amy. I can’t tell you any dates, but Chinese is certainly near the top of our to-do list.

  • Seb