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What is EduLift?

EduLift combines tried and tested pedagogic methodology with innovative software, web applications and print resources in order to improve the way we learn.

The launch of NihongoUp in 2009 enabled thousands of students worldwide to engage with the Japanese language in a way that was never before possible with its revolutionary approach to the teaching and practicing grammar, vocabulary and kanji.

In late 2011, building on the success of NihongoUp, LinguaLift opened its doors to learners of the Japanese, Russian and French languages, with its innovative interactive textbook, advanced learning applications, and online community of like-minded learners.

What is LinguaLift?

Japanese LinguaLift is home to the best Japanese textbook and learning tools for students and self-learners alike. Our interactive E-Textbook and immerse web applications will guide you on your way to mastering the Japanese language, and will teach you how to learn efficiently while having fun at the same time.

Jam-packed with native audio, real-world dialogues, interactive exercises, free downloads, meaningful progress statistics and more, there are no solutions as complete, comprehensive or cost-effective as Japanese LinguaLift. It’s constantly updated, has top-class support from people that care and happy users the world over.

Who are the authors?

There are people dotted all across the world working on LinguaLift, from professional native authors and proof-readers to our voice artists and illustrators. However, there are two main people who we think you should get to know first:

Philip Seyfi

Philip Seyfi

English, Russian, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Hi, I’m Philip, and it was me who started NihongoUp back in 2009 when I developed the award-winning Japanese learning game. I work night and day ensuring the site is speedy, easy-to-use and beautiful. Drop me an email if anything’s the matter —

Ollie Capehorn

Ollie Capehorn

English, French, Japanese, Italian

Hi, I’m Ollie, and I’ve been working with Philip since 2010, fresh after representing the UK in a Japanese speech competition in Tōkyō. If you’re ever stuck on a lesson, I’d be more than happy to help —


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