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Thousands of self-learners all over the world use LinguaLift to master new languages.

Enabling you to learn more effectively. That is the goal of our language learning platform. LinguaLift guides you from scratch to fluency, but allows you complete control over when and how fast you learn. You’re behind the wheel.

The days of boring textbooks are over.

Textbooks are good. They are the most effective way to understand how a language works. Unfortunately, they're also boring, heavy and stuck in the previous century. We decided to change that and made an E-Textbook that is fun, engaging, and interactive.

We'll guide you from scratch to fluency.

Every language is different, and we treat them as such. When we decide to launch a new language, we find the best teachers in the industry, and before we write a single line of code, we spend thousands of hours thinking about how best to teach what makes that particular language special.

Our SRS algorithm makes forgetting difficult.

You rote learn vocab for hours. Next week—you don't remember any of it. We've all been there. LinguaLift is built on a scientifically proven spaced repetition system that makes sure you never forget. Read about it in Wired magazine.

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