The Best Way To Learn a Languagep

The Best Way To Learn a Language

Learn Japanese, Russian and Hebrew with our courses and dedicated team of teachers.

(French, Spanish and Mandarin Coming Soon!)

We take the Fear and Frustration Out of Learning a New Language

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  • Complete Program – Language App, and Tutors!
  • Dedicated Tutors Creating Customized Study Plans
  • Free Book "Language Learning Secrets"
  • Study Multiple Languages for one Low Price
  • Learn Real Life Communication Skills
  • 10-15 Minute Study Sessions that can go with you, anytime, anywhere

Learn From Our Tutors

language learning apps

Our team of dedicated language tutors are here to answer questions, offer guidance, and can even assign homework. We guide you every step of the way on your journey to fluency. For our subscribers, our tutors create a customized "Road Map to Fluency".

“That’s probably the best part about LinguaLift: having access to real people who want to help and are invested in your learning.”
Kimberly, Seattle, USA

Free Book and Customized Study Plan

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Your subscription includes our Language Learning Secrets book and your customized Road Map to Fluency. We guide you every step of the way. Showing you the most effective study routines, telling you what additional resources to use, how much material to cover, and what stage in your language learning to use each resource. Just follow the map!

Learn Real Life Communication Skills

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You'll learn to speak, write and read the language through interactive lessons that utilize the latest learning techniques and adapts to your personal needs.

Speak Clearly and With Confidence

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Our interactive lessons use audio from native speakers to teach you the correct pronunciation, and uses the shadowing technique to give you the ability and confidence to start speaking the language from day one.

Remember What You Learn

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Using spaced repetition, our algorithm tracks your progress and predicts the best time to review words and concepts from previous lessons to ensure you retain what you learn.

Fit It In To Your Daily Routine

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Bite-sized 10-15 minute sessions, allows you to study on your daily
commute, your lunch hour, or just before bed. You can learn a new language by studying just 10-15 minutes a day!

Study Anytime, Anywhere

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On your phone, tablet or computer. Lessons sync between multiple devices and pick up right where you left off.

“After searching the Internet for a long time, LinguaLift is the best thing I have come by. It is absolutely amazing in so many regards!! Keep up the good work!!”
Chiara, Central District, HK


best language learning app

With your subscription you get:

Thats right, for the price of what you would pay for 4 lessons with a
local tutor, you can get all this for one year!

No contract or commitment. Cancel at any time.
Gives you access to all current and future languages on our platform

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