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Who speaks Russian, and how is it useful?

Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations, and the seventh most popular language in the world, spoken by over 260 million people in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, other former Soviet republics and large expat communities abroad. Learn Russian and gain access international organizations, new business opportunities and a treasure trove of award-winning film, music and literature.

Robbin from California
“It can be hard to find optimal spacing between lessons and review sessions. LinguaLift cleverly does all the heavy lifting and gives everything an autodidact would need in one place, so you'd never run out of things to learn next.”
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“The ease of use and fun lessons do a wonderful job of combining learning and entertainment. LinguaLift can help you learn more and retain what you already know.”

Russian is not as difficult as you may think

  English loanwords are abundant in the Russian language, so you'll have a head start if you listen carefully: taxi is taksi, office is ofis, and so on.
  The Russian writing system can look challenging at first, but you can in fact learn it in just a fortnight. You’ll soon notice that many letters look the same as in English, and many even share the same sound: a is read ah, o is read oh, and so on.
  Russian is read the way it is written, so unlike in French or in English, you’ll have no problems pronouncing words that you have never seen before.

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The Russian language has a funny word for "someone who asks too many questions," pochemuchka. With LinguaLift, you can finally start asking these questions in Russian! You'll begin to speak immediately and will have the help of our Russian tutors who'll help you gain confidence in this lovely language.

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