One price, no surprisesp

One price, no surprises

We’ve worked hard to make our service the most affordable it can possibly be, and we’re proud of what we offer.



Gives you access to all current and future languages on our platform **Pay annually and get over 40% off ($348 $204/year)**
No contract or commitment. Cancel at any time.

foreign language class cost

Get your organisation on board

Schools and businesses around the world use LinguaLift to fuel their successful training programmes and keep their learners sharp. Our partners appreciate how we make language education engaging and accessible.

foreign language class cost

Questions and answers

What languages do you offer?

Right now we offer Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew, with French, Spanish and Mandarin coming soon. Unlike some of our competitors, we create each course from scratch, in that country, by hand. We’ll be launching new courses based on demand, so if you want your language—let us know!

Can an absolute beginner use LinguaLift?

Yes! We have content for intermediate and advanced learners as well, but all our courses presume you’ve never learned a language before.

How does the free trial work?

Our trial gives you free access to the first lesson of every level, so that you can experience whether LinguaLift is a good fit for you, no matter what your existing ability.

Am I locked into a contract?

You’re not. You can unsubscribe with two clicks, and you won’t incur any future charges.

What payment methods are accepted?

For monthly payments, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Do I need to pay a separate fee to learn on my phone?

Your LinguaLift subscription gives you access both to our site and Android app. Simply log in on your 📱 smartphone and continue where you left off.

Do you have any discounts?

We don’t. We’ve worked as hard as we can to make our service the most affordable it can possibly be for anyone, and we’re proud of what we offer. To be fair to everyone, we offer the best price possible to anybody who wants to learn a language.

What is your refund policy?

We won’t charge your card unless you’ve asked us to, and you’re in control of keeping your subscription active or inactive. For this reason we don’t offer refunds, but instead offer you the chance to try out some sample lessons for free to decide if we’re right for you.