LinguaLift is a product of the feedback that we get from our learners. We use two kinds of feedback, and we treat them with equal importance.

The first is the hundreds of thousands of entries of real learning data in our databases. Every week, real teachers 👩‍🏫 look at how our students are progressing through our courses, and identify areas where we can help our students learn quicker, and retain their knowledge for longer.

The second is the hundreds of wonderful emails we receive from students each month. The management team reads each and every one, and some of our most popular features were first suggested to us by our students.

Here’s just a small selection of the feedback that our students have sent to us recently.

You praise our customer service

I really respect how dedicated all the LinguaLift members are at responding to questions and helping their students! I think that's probably the best part about LinguaLift - having access to real people who want to help and are invested in your learning. — Kimberly, Seattle, USA

Service like this is rare in modern times. — Dylan — Burlington, USA

*I am having the most amazing time studying! I will always remember the Support Team is there for help. * — Davon, Los Angeles, USA

Thank you very much for the quick and helpful assistance! Seeing how on tops of things you and the LinguaLift team are always assures me that the time I spend as a part of the program will always be great! — Jarrett, Blackshear, USA

I appreciate the support and look forward to working more with the program as well as you and the rest of the support team. — Jarrett, Blackshill, USA

Help achieve your dreams and progress

I wanted to use LinguaLift so that I could learn enough Japanese to help me get by while I was visiting Japan. Earlier this year I went to Japan twice and LinguaLift really helped me with the language skills I needed to get by. For that you have my sincere thank you. I believe that LinguaLift is a really good learning tool to help and I would definitely recommend it to anyone learning Japanese. — Alex Elliott

I was finally able to enrol into a Japanese language class! I would like to thank LinguaLift for some knowledge of Japanese! — Garrison, Woodbridge, USA

I'm already way further along in speaking Japanese than I ever thought I would, so clearly LinguaLift has been a huge help for me learning the language. — Matthew, West Chester, USA

Honestly, I have seen a lot of progress since I have used LinguaLift. It’s been a long time since I have been this thrilled at the progress I am making. — Scott, Eau Clare, USA

How we teach kanji

Many websites can't incorporate learning kanji, hiragana, etc., but I found it extremely easy to learn here! — Kitsu, Nassau, Bahamas

I've been using the site to learn Japanese and I find the site really useful for learning Kanji with plenty of examples of terms that contain each Kanji you study, so you pick them up easier and you're more likely to remember them when they are used in context. — Dan

System of learning

The bite size learning modules that break down everything into manageable sections are a godsend. I would highly recommend LinguaLift to everyone who is looking to learn Japanese. — Tom Knight, Maidstone, UK

I've really been enjoying using LinguaLift. The lessons are fun to read and I'm filling in lots of knowledge gaps left from other, more vocabulary-heavy apps. It's a nice balance between "here are some fun words" and "grammar first or bust. —Melysa, Troy, USA

The way that you teach is very different and in nice short bursts so I don't get so bogged down. I like it. 😀 — Jess, Edinburgh, UK

You're services are great and the teaching style is unique and I wish to resume my studies in the future. — Jeremy, Auckland, New Zealand

LinguaLift has been presenting the language in a way that is easy to memorize and understand seems to fit perfectly with the whole idea of self-study. Not to mention including culture in with the background of each word they teach. It's definitely more helpful than just grabbing Japanese to English dictionary. — Jaymeson, Ludington, USA

LinguaLift isn't too complicated unlike other sites I've been to who try to cram everything at once but with LinguaLift everything is simple and easy to remember! I can't wait to transform into a fluent Japanese speaking master! — Jamijna, Chicago, USA

I feel like I've already learned a lot, I can remember the stories behind the subjects, that kinda of learning method works for me! So arigatou for everything 😊 — Anna, Finland

Really good learning system! It first teaches me individual components of a word/sentence, and drills me with actual examples so I can remember the components through the word and the word through the components! I would recommend! — David Park, Stanford, USA

You enjoy learning not just the language, but also discovering the culture

I've never been to this site before. It's a wonderful tool and incredibly fun to use as well. (...) Much respect to all the team at LinguaLift who've made this possible to so many around the world. Cultural appreciation is a major step in crushing racism and segregation, you're doing a marvellous and important thing here. — Armand, Brisbane, Australia

I've tried several times in the past with other methods but lost the motivation to learn every day pretty quickly. The unique mix of interesting cultural tidbits and cake sections at the end of a lesson really makes it feel more like fun than a chore! I'm excited to pick up a new lesson every day and look forward to what awaits me at the end of each one. — Lily, London

It’s easy to use and enjoyable. Everything is easy to understand and the learning is explained well with information not just about the language, but the country as well. The staff are helpful. If there is anything you wanna know about, and all are friendly and supportive in helping you learn.
Morvah, UK

You see us as the final answer to language learning

*After searching the Internet for a long time, Lingua Lift is the best thing I have come by. It is absolutely amazing in so many regards!! Keep up the good work!! - Chiara, Central District, HK

Really like this sight. I was struggling through commercial book kits and google translate for a while. Finally decided to try something else. So far very easy to follow. — BC Redford, Nagasaki, Japan

Thank you for all of the wonderful information! When I first signed up I was amazed on how well put the program was. — Eve, Oroville, USA

I love how motivated i feel by this. It’s a great vibe to feel productive. I'm so glad i found this website. I've been looking for a while [for something] professional and/or reassuring, trustworthy. — Nicole, Hunstwille, USA

We help achieve language progress in short time

Simply the fact that reading sentences in Japanese is not as difficult as it once was, also I'm starting to understand kanji more which has posed the biggest challenge to me by far. — Anthony, Orange, USA

This site is really helping me improve my Japanese. I can understand it much better after just 1-2 hours of practice and if I do it about a year I will properly be nearly as good as Japanese people, thanks for helping me improve. I'm grateful. Antexus, Hjørring, Denmark

I really enjoyed the minimal time I had on the website and I felt like I was learning a lot, from the way it shows you how to write, use, and pronounce the words. — Shay, Adrian, USA

I have such high regard for you guys and your lessons for I've learnt a lot in such a short amount of time. I find your lessons easy to follow and fun! — Veronica, Coburg, Australia

You notice and appreciate the improvements we make

After 2 years (for some reason exactly) I joined again your Japanese course. It is really great to see, how much better this works now. I just wanted to say how great job you did and I hope, that this trend will continue. — Vaclav, Cebin, Czech Republic

Also I really appreciate improvements to the platform, it feels much more smooth and streak counter is always useful =) — Philip, Taiwan

I'm liking the new design of the new site, the lessons are more interactive than the old one.
Phuc Huy, Hamilton, Canada

You point out the overall amazingness of LinguaLift

I just wanted to say how awesome of a site I think this is! - Kenzi, Cairo

I truly think it works quite well and that it provides the service it promises, unlike many other services out there. — Felix, Venezuela

Learning is taken to a new level, thanks to LinguaLift. — Emily, Germantown, USA

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