Russian cursive writing practice sheet

Russian cursive writing practice sheet

As a general rule, Russians tend to use cursive when handwriting, and it'll help you enormously if you learn both to read and write this script before you go to Russia.

Russian cursive Photo by sannikov

Printed and cursive Russian can look quite different at first, and there are countless stories of students who have learned the Russian alphabet (азбука, azbuka), mastered a bunch of vocabulary, and can read printed Cyrillic without difficulty, yet on visiting Russia, they find not only handwritten notes and letters, but also stylized signs and advertisements totally illegible.

In Russia, every pupil learns beautiful cursive in the very first grade, mostly through practice using what is commonly called прописи (propisi), workbook with examples of words in cursive and special lined pages for the children to write on their own.

Russian cursive writing practice sheet

These can be difficult to obtain abroad, so we've prepared a handy practice sheet for you to print and use instead, whether you're a foreigner learning Russian, or an expat looking for resources to teach your children.

You are free to distribute it wherever you want as long as the file remains intact and the work is properly credited.